Incomera, the company behind Fiction Horizon, one of the most often consulted entertainment-focused sited on the Internet, has acquired Comic Basics as part of its ever-growing franchise. This is just one small step in the growth and evolution of Fiction Horizon’s franchise and its wish to become the best and most trustworthy source of entertainment news and information on the web.

Comic Basics is a site focused on comic books and is, in that aspect, a site that fits Fiction Horizon’s criteria of content. Comic Basics had a great tradition, and the people at Incomera evaluated that it would be a great addition to its growing franchise, which is why everyone at Incomera is happy that the deal went through.

We are delighted to have reached an agreement with the owners of Comic Basics. It is a great site, and we actually thought about acquiring it for a while before we went through with the deal. They wrote about the same things as us and had a solid fan base, which is why we had them in mind. I am truly overjoyed that we have managed to reach an agreement to the mutual benefit of both parties.” said Robert Milaković, one of the founders and owners of Incomera.

Incomera now has several sites in its slate, most of which are affiliates of its primary asset, Fiction Horizon. Fiction Horizon is a site that focuses on providing its readers with high-quality content from all branches of the entertainment industry, whether it’s movies, television series, comic books, video games, anime, or manga. The staff includes a group of dedicated writers who always do their best to write the best content possible and to provide an original touch to the stories they present, to make them stand out from the competition.

Comic Basics was a site that actually had similar ideals and content, which is why Incomera pondered its acquisition at one point. Having such a site in its franchise, Incomera can now expand on the market and be an even bigger player, as this will certainly allow the staff behind the project to reach a wider audience and make its high-quality content available to even more people and enthusiasts around the world.

‘’Comic Basic was a site that attracted us for some time. They shared the same ideals as us, they had some great articles, and we actually thought it would be a great idea to have it as part of our franchise. Once we decided to contact the owner, we knew that we were going to do whatever we can to acquire the site and make it a part of our growing franchise. You cannot imagine how happy we were when the deal finally went through.’’, added Hrvoje Milaković, founder and CEO of Incomera, the owner of Fiction Horizon.

After some tweaks and adjustments, Comic Basics will be ready in a short time and the people of Incomera look forward to providing its readers with even more great content!